The Split Screens Productions


By Dominique Preusse 29 min Cap Ferret 2017 Fiction With Andrea Bienkowski, Esther Wahl

Coming to the end of her journey facing the blustering ocean, a woman takes refuge in an old fisher house filled with her memories, where she’s confronted with the silence of a mutinous girl. While outside the storm is coming closer, the two women get to know each other.

Marie-Lourdes !

By Dominique Preusse 12 min Paris 2016 Fiction With Diana Meierhans, Esther Wahl

Marie-Lourdes, a young German teacher, is late for preparing her class conference. She doesn’t expect a student to be already waiting in the class room for a special kind of interview with her.

How to Dust Off The Grey

By Dominique Preusse 33 min Paris 2015 Fiction With Alexandre Oppecini, Tien Tan, Hélène Roisin, Johannes Oliver Hamm, Jiayi Zhao

Hugo, caretaker at a Parisian school, opens up to Chinese culture and is taught about the importance of self-esteem by a young Taiwanese man.

母亲家的一夜 (One Night At My Mother's)

By Zhang Miao 18 min Paris 2015 Fiction Co-produced by Prod8 With Zhu Jiali, Laure Li, Zhao Jiayi, Daniel Tirado

In Paris, all Chinese immigrants celebrate their New Year's Eve. Laure Li Zixuan wants to introduce her boyfriend to her mother and her sister-in-law, who are preparing dinner, not expecting the impact this night will have on their lives.


By Benjamin Rifflard Paris 2015 Fiction Co-produced by Prod8 With Diana Meierhans

Back in Paris after living abroad for a while, a young woman leads a lonely life in a hotel room in the neighborhood of La Goutte-d'Or.

Work in progress.

華 - Hua

By Dominique Preusse 12 min Paris 2015 Fiction With Jiayi Zhao, Johannes Oliver Hamm

A young Chinese woman tries to reveal her feelings to her sister-in-law's husband.

Fräulein Dominique (Miss Dominique)

By Dominique Preusse 45 min Berlin/Paris 2015 Documentary

By revisiting his childhood with his friends and family, the director investigates the concept of virility and gender.

Two Thousand Six Hundred And Seventy-Seven Old Chinese Ladies

By Dominique Preusse 9 min Paris 2015 Fiction With Tien Tan, Jiayi Zhao

A desperate film director tries to find comfort in the arms of his insensitive producer.